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VCI – Pro-Corr

Polyplus Packaging are the only UK based supplier of VCI (Volatile Corrosive Inhibitor) products, extruding and converting film from our custom manufacturing facility in Reading.

Before VCI almost all metal products, it left unprotected, would oxidise and deteriorate when moisture in the air and oxygen combined, leading to rust, tarnishing and corrosion. Traditionally, to protect the components, the parts were covered with oil/grease or with paper impregnated alternatives, however they often needed additional packaging and cleaning before they could be used. Pro-Corr film uses an established VCI masterbatch that is extruded right into the polyethylene so that the active inhibitors provide long term protection. The VCI agent works by releasing an invisible, odourless and non-toxic corrosion inhibiting vapour into the air. The vapour molecules settle on the metal parts forming a microscopic protection film that prevents corrosion. On opening the bag, the VCI protective layer evaporates leaving the product clean, dry, corrosion free and ready for use.

Pro-Corr Benefits

Proven Corrosion Protection

Food Safe

Nitrite and Amine Free

Lasts upto 15 years

Excellent film properties

Pack Formats

applications on reverse

Available Applications

Zip Top re-sealable Bags

Gusset/Pillow open top Bags


Perforated on the Reel

Why Choose Us

  • Only UK based Supplier

  • Accelerated corrosion testing available

  • UK based technical assistance

  • Bespoke solutions

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